4 Easy Steps To Finding Your Perfect Apartment

Finding a pit bull friendly apartment just got easier.
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Do your research.

Ease of finding a pit bull friendly apartment differs from city to city. Some cities are tougher when it comes to breed-specific legislation (BSL) than others. Think you know how easy it will be to find a pit bull friendly apartment?


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Come prepared.

Once you have determined how easy, or hard, it will be finding a pit bull friendly apartment in your area, now you have to get all of your paperwork in order. Download our quick guide checklist to ensure you have everything you need for your dog prior to meeting with a potential landlord.

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After searching through many apartment websites, I was finally able to locate my pitbull friendly apartment thanks to Pit Friendly Boston. Their 'restricted breed' opt it made it that much easier finding apartments which accepted by furry friend.

Cathy Bates Pet Smart, Somerville

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Find the perfect pit friendly apartment.

What used to be the hardest part just got easier! Schedule a 30 minute consultation with the experts at Pit Friendly Boston where we will discuss our hand picked list of apartments that meet all of your predetermined criteria.

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Sign your lease!

Have you signed your lease and are all ready to move in? Congratulations! Be sure to submit your favorite pictures with you and your dog in your new apartment to Pit Friendly Boston to be featured as one of our success stories!
Without Pit Friendly Boston, I never would have been able to find an apartment that accepted my dog. I spent hours doing research on other sites to no avail, but luckily I found Pit Friendly Boston and I found an apartment immediately.

Ryan Katz Pioneer Valley CrossFit

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